The Wishing Tree

Title: The Wishing Tree

Creator: Tash Taskale

Region: Rome

Date: 2008 (installed at Griffiss)

Medium: steel, paint

Description: This work by artist Tash Taskale was installed at Griffiss International Sculpture Garden in 2008. About this work, Taskale says, “I am interested in the archeology of objects that are all around us. My work aims to probe the origin of things by presenting oppositions including archaic / futuristic, primitive / industrial, and ancient / modern. I present such contradictions to create ambiguities, which I believe can force us to be more analytical and questioning of our world. Wishing Tree represents the archaeology of beliefs from which human creates an icon and expect good fortune and protection. Uncommon forms on the Wishing Tree symbolizes people’s wishes.”

Subject: Public art, Outdoor sculpture

Rights: © Tash Taskale 2008

(In Copyright,

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ID#: AO-00016

Location: Griffiss International Sculpture Garden, Rome, along Ellsworth Road