Title: Pete

Creator: Jodi Ehart

Region: Remsen

Medium: wood

Technique: carving

Description: Walking stick in hand, his pack on his back, a hiker stands ready to head into the Adirondacks. He stands by the sign for Pete's Storage in Remsen, near the border of the Adirondack Park. His rugged nature evokes memories of the origins of the Remsen area, and the pioneers who began to settle the land in the late 1790's. This wood carving defies placement in a particular era or season. With tall, heavy boots on his feet, he's prepared for all the dramatic seasonal changes of the area. Whether he's a pioneer from history heading into an uncharted forest or a weekend hiker exploring in his leisure, he's ready to face whatever nature has to offer him.

Subject: Public art, Outdoor sculpture, Metal sculpture

Rights: © Jodi Ehart

(In Copyright - Rights-Holder(s) Unlocatable or Unidentifiable,

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ID#: AO-00107

Location: Pete's Storage,10935 NY-12, Remsen, near the corner of Joslyn Road