Fife and Drum Corps

Title: Fife and Drum Corps

Creator: Jane Grace Taylor

Region: Camden

Date: 2014

Medium: paint

Technique: painting

Dimensions: 25 feet (height) x 50 feet (width) (approximately)

Description: The Camden Continentals Fife and Drum Corps are memorialized in this 2014 mural by Jane Grace Taylor. Founded in 1850, the Corps actually began not in Camden, but in nearby Taberg. They were called upon to play at many patriotic events over the years, including the inauguration of President Ulysses S. Grant. Almost a century after their founding, in 1947, they moved and took on a new name: the Camden Continentals. This group is still thriving today, including some descendants of the original group. Funds for this mural were raised by the Camden VFW community to honor the role of the Corps in many local events.

Taylor's impressionist style in much of this mural transcends time so the Corps members could be from anywhere between Revolutionary War times to today. However, look closely and you might see some familiar faces. Taylor used photos of both past and current Corps members for 20 portraits, the largest number based on real people she has ever done in one mural. Look carefully into the clouds portrayed above the group, and you'll see the faces of some of the founding members watching over the current players.

Inscription: signed by the artist in the lower right hand corner

Subject: Public art, Mural painting and decoration, Fife and drum corps

Rights: © Jane Grace Taylor 2014

(In Copyright,

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ID#: AO-00141

Location: Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #6530, 77 Main Street, Camden