Title: Crown

Creator: Rainer Maria Wehner

Region: Rome

Date: 2008 (installed at Griffiss)

Medium: steel, paint

Technique: welding, powder coating

Dimensions: 20 feet (height) x 8 feet (width) x 8 feet (depth) (approximately)

Description: As the pieces of Crown join together mid-air with the sky in the background, they appear as one cloud, or flower, or crown . . . it's open to your interpretation. It may reference shapes from nature, but the brilliant blue shade is a reminder that it is man-made. Though made of five separate pieces of ultramarine blue square tube, it gives the viewer the impression of being joined together as one. Artist Rainer Maria Wehner based the structure of Crown on 'Sütterlin,' an old style of German handwriting. The acute angles of these zig zag forms bring this style to a third dimension. This work evokes his interest in the structures of writing and of human bodies as seen through an x-ray.

Inscription: (the artist's signature)

Subject: Public art, Metal sculpture, Outdoor sculpture

Rights: © Rainer Maria Wehner 2009

(In Copyright,

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ID#: AO-00005

Location: Griffiss International Sculpture Garden, Rome, along Wright Drive