Title: Crosses

Creator: Cestmir Suska

Region: Utica

Date: 2006

Medium: steel

Technique: metal-cutting, welding

Description: In Crosses, Cestmir Suska introduces a delicate design to a utilitarian object: an old gasoline storage tank. The original, more solid, form is still there, but the negative space transforms it with pattern and texture. A plasma cutter has made the steel yield to the openwork of lace, of a loosely knit sweater, or of some Middle Eastern textiles.

This sculpture was originally made at the Vermont Studio Center. Later it was exhibited at the Museum of Art in Birmingham, AL (2007), and then at the Wade Sand and Gravel Company, also in Birmingham, AL. Before arriving at Sculpture Space, it was on loan to Griffiss International Sculpture Park in Rome from 2007 - 2011.

Subject: Public art, Metal sculpture, Outdoor sculpture

Rights: © Cestmir Suska 2006

(In Copyright,

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ID#: AO-00007

Location: Sculpture Space, 12 Gates Street, Utica