Title: Muncho

Creator: unknown

Region: Remsen

Medium: paint, plywood

Description: Muncho the Clown has been a feature of Remsen’s Kayuta Drive-In since the 1980s. The Drive-In opened their Adirondack Room in 1982, an addition since their original opening in 1963. Muncho was there in person to entertain and give out balloons to the children. Later, Muncho was immortalized in the decor for the restaurant. At the entrance to the restaurant, a statue of Muncho greets customers. By the picnic tables outside, a cartoon-style portrait of the clown decorates the side of a shed. With his familiar red nose, pastel hair, and wide smile, he has become a beloved mascot for this local landmark. But make sure you visit between April and October: Muncho gets safely tucked away to survive the winter when this seasonal business closes down each year.

Subject: Public art, Mural painting and decoration

Rights: Copyright undetermined

(Copyright Undetermined,

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ID#: AO-00106

Location: Kayuta Drive-In, 10101 Dustin Road, Remsen