List Art Center Mural

Title: List Art Center Mural

Creator: James Larson, Christopher Labora

Region: Clinton

Date: 2016

Medium: aluminum, acrylic paint

Technique: painting

Description: James Larson '18 and Christopher Labora '16 wanted to celebrate the building where they began their art studies at Hamilton College. After the opening of the new Kennedy Center for Theatre and the Studio Arts in the fall of 2014, the studio art program moved to its new home. The List Art Center, originally built for Kirkland College, was temporarily closed to the public. Larson anticipates that when he returns to the college after a semester off, he will be the last remaining student to remember taking classes there.

Under the auspices of the Hamilton Art Collective, Larson and Labora applied for funding to create a temporary installation of painting at List. The year-long project gave them some valuable experience. First, it was an opportunity for them to learn how to collaborate on a larger scale. Second, they learned how to work within the constraints of public art, with the help of their faculty advisors. They met regularly with college administrators to develop their plans.

In the resulting work, street art meets studio art. Aluminum panels painted in the studio were installed on the sides of the building. Brightly colored paintings spread surreptitiously from the corners of the building, tentatively reaching to the center. The work should be up at least through June of 2017, until List is renovated for future use.

Subject: Public art, Mural painting and decoration

Rights: © James Larson and Christopher Labora 2016

(In Copyright,

ID#: AO-00120

Location: Hamilton College, Clinton, southwest side of List Art Center, off of Green Apple Way