Interactive Basket Sculpture

Title: Interactive Basket Sculpture

Creator: James Larson, Hamilton College GNAR club

Region: Clinton

Date: 2016

Medium: wood, nylon

Technique: woodworking

Dimensions: 6 feet (height) x 10 feet (width) x 10 feet (depth)

Description: You might call this work extracurricular art in action. Playing on the popularity of hammocks on the Hamilton College campus, members of the GNAR club proposed a project. James Larson '18 drew up the plans and the club received funding from student activities. It took a year to plan and get approval, but was only two and a half weeks in the making. With an architect's approval for the structure's stability, the club installed the work in June 2016.

The idea for the installation grew out of the club's goal to create "novel social situations." This is one of a series of structures or events through which the club has sought to surprise their fellow students and bring them together spontaneously. Rather than announce an event to unveil the work, they left it for students to discover on their own in the woods.

This installation is temporary, and will likely come down in June 2017. But don't worry: they already have plans to re-use the materials. Even if this piece has come down by the time you come to visit, you will likely find many other examples of student artwork around the campus. Hamilton College has a thriving Art program. As a result, galleries and studios are starting to pop up in the surrounding area to showcase students' work, such as the Plush Factory in nearby Clark Mills.

Inscription: "Interactive Basket Sculpture / A GNAR Club Production / 20 Person Capacity / Made Possible by: / Student Assembly" on a wooden sign on a post near the sculpture

Subject: Public art, Outdoor sculpture, Hammocks

Rights: © James Larson and the Hamilton College GNAR Club 2016

(In Copyright,

ID#: AO-00124

Location: Hamilton College, Clinton, Green Apple Way in the woods by Major Hall