Title: Hatchling

Creator: George Hendrickson

Region: New Hartford

Date: 2008

Medium: concrete, metal, acrylic paint

Technique: sculpting, painting

Dimensions: 5 feet (height) x 4 feet (width) x 8 feet (depth); 400 pounds (weight)

Description: Sculptor George Hendrickson set out with the idea of exploring something strange. He wanted to transform an industrial material, concrete, into something more organic, even appearing soft and touchable. That led him to experiment with mixing his own concrete, trying different textures to make it function more like clay. The resulting abstract outdoor sculpture, Hatchling, evokes movement and a sense of being. As a texture study, it emerges out of its industrial origins.

It was created for the Everson Museum's Biennial exhibition in 2008, "The Object and Beyond." After that it was placed at the Kirkland Art Center. Most recently, it is on loan to the Community at Sunset Wood in New Hartford.

Inscription: "Hatchling was created in the summer of 2008 as a texture study with a new medium, concrete, and was accepted into the 2008 Everson Biennial. Hatchling tends to evoke thoughts of dinosaur fossils and bone and by doing so accomplishes my main goal of transforming an industrial material into something organic, soft, and even touchable as you try to determine its nature. Hatchling, 2008 George Hendrickson Rebar, Wire Mesh, Concrete, Pigment On loan from George Hendrickson and displayed by The Community at Sunset Wood Special Thanks to Sculpture Space" (with logo for The Community at Sunset Wood) on a small sign in front of the sculpture, on the ground

Subject: Public art, Outdoor sculpture

Rights: © George Hendrickson 2008

(In Copyright, http://rightsstatements.org/vocab/InC/1.0/)

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ID#: AO-00128

Location: The Community at Sunset Wood, 118 Genesee Street, New Hartford