Strough Auditorium Theatre Murals

Title: Strough Auditorium Theatre Murals

Creator: Jane Grace Taylor

Region: Rome

Date: 1999

Medium: paint

Technique: painting

Description: The murals by Jane Grace Taylor in the auditorium of Strough Middle School in Rome portray several different notable scenes of dance, theatre, and film. Several sections show the Nutcracker as performed in the theatre by the John Hayes O'neill School of Dance. Others show Charlie Chaplin, the Phantom of the Opera, Gene Kelly Singing in the Rain, and characters from The Wizard of Oz. These works can only be viewed by the public at certain times: on voting days, for open school events, or by appointment. Of course, the children who attend the school get to see them all the time!

Subject: Public art, Mural painting and decoration, Performing arts

Rights: © Jane Grace Taylor 1999

(In Copyright,

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ID#: AO-00153

Location: Strough Middle School, 80 Laurel St., Rome