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Photograph of Sixteen Came Home - AO-00125-001.jpg
by John von Bergen
Hamilton College, Clinton, College Hill Road, front of Molly Root House

Photograph of Interactive Basket Sculpture - AO-00124-001.jpg
by James Larson, Hamilton College GNAR club
Hamilton College, Clinton, Green Apple Way in the woods by Major Hall

Photograph of Stairway to Enlightenment - AO-00123-001.jpg
by Kate Bickmore
Hamilton College, Clinton, stairway on the north side of the List Art Center, facing the Kirner Johnson Building

Photograph of List Art Center Mural - AO-00120-001.jpg
by James Larson, Christopher Labora
Hamilton College, Clinton, southwest side of List Art Center, off of Green Apple Way

Photograph of Screen Sculpture #35 - AO-00119-001.jpg
by David Hayes
Hamilton College, Clinton, off of Green Apple Way, near the List Art Center

Photograph of Circuit Braker - AO-00117-001.jpg
by John von Bergen
Hamilton College, Clinton, Green Apple Way by the List Art Center