Childhood Rhythms

Title: Childhood Rhythms

Creator: Peter W. Michel

Region: Deansboro

Date: 1995

Medium: paint, wood

Technique: painting, woodworking

Dimensions: 4 panels, each 48 inches (height) x 96 inches (width)

Description: This work is composed of panels that have been displayed in different configurations throughout its history. As a part of the Bicentennial Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture in Hamilton, NY, curated by Jane Ingram Allen, it was shown on the village green. At that time the panels were joined to create a three-dimensional freestanding form. This was based on designs for an earlier proposal for the Houston Festival, in 1980. After the Hamilton exhibition, the panels were mounted flat on the side of a barn in Clinton, NY, in yet another configuration.

Subject: Public art, Relief (Sculpture), Outdoor sculpture

Rights: © Peter W. Michel 1995

(In Copyright,

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ID#: AO-00022

Location: 3129 NY-12B, Deansboro