Translucent Home

Title: Translucent Home

Creator: Ann Reichlin

Region: Utica

Date: 2008

Medium: foundation, steel, reinforcing bars, lath, mesh

Dimensions: 23 feet (height) x 17 feet (width) x 22 feet (depth)

Description: Ann Reichlin has long been fascinated by a community’s sense of place. Her work explores our collective human capacity to forget the past while we focus on our day to day lives in the present. In several West Utica locations, Reichlin has explored forgotten neighborhood histories. She has created memorial installations on now-empty spaces to remind us today of what came before. Her legacies lie in bridging the past and present by introducing transformative beauty in the midst of urban decay. Translucent Home is a part of her series Interventions 914 Whitesboro Street. As a resident at Sculpture Space in 1998, she began this series with Insert, an installation in which a large stainless steel wall intersected an abandoned house at 914 Whitesboro Street. By 2006 the house had to be demolished, but the foundation remained. Reichlin built Translucent Home on top of this foundation. For another part of this series, Trace, Reichlin planted 3,000 narcissus bulbs. Look for these flowers when they bloom each spring along Whitesboro Street. They trace the original foundations of five other homes now long forgotten. This work reminds us of our humanness and the ease with which we abandon the ordinary history that served as our roots.

Subject: Public art, Outdoor sculpture

Rights: © Ann Reichlin 2008

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ID#: AO-00098

Location: Sculpture Space Inc, 12 Gates Street, Utica