Adorable Otters

Title: Adorable Otters

Creator: Ryan Abrial

Region: Otter Lake

Date: 2010

Medium: wood

Technique: carving

Dimensions: 10 feet (height) x 2 feet 6 inches (width) x 2 feet 6 inches (depth) (approximately)

Description: Ellen Drake, the owner of Otter Lake Station, approached Ryan Abrial for help with a tree stump in the yard outside the bar. She didn't want to get rid of it: knowing him as a local artist, she hoped he could turn it into something more interesting. He was happy to oblige. The resulting wood carving depicts one adorable otter standing on top, looking out at all who pass by, a delightful mascot for the areas around Otter Lake. Below him is the tree trunk, still firmly rooted to the ground, but now transformed into a waterscape with another otter swimming below. Abrial typically uses aluminum cans as his medium of choice, and some of his work had been displayed in the bar. He had done some small relief carvings in wood, but he had always wanted to give wood carving a try on a larger scale. Abrial and Drake worked together on ideas for what the carving should depict, and he set to work in the winter of 2010. Abrial carved an hour here, an hour there, while also working as a carpenter. It took him two - three months to finish the work. He alternated between a chainsaw, chisel, hand grinder, and sander, also incorporating some color staining and wood burning for a greater sense of depth.

Subject: Otters, Outdoor sculpture, Public art

Rights: © Ryan Abrial 2010

(In Copyright,

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ID#: AO-00104

Location: Otter Lake Station, 13870 State Route 28, Otter Lake