Title: Yarnbombs

Creator: Beautica

Region: Utica

Date: 2016

Medium: yarn

Technique: crocheting

Description: Out of nowhere, suddenly there are knit or crochet covers on lampposts all around town. Utica has recently been touched by a trend in street art that has been sweeping the planet: Yarnbombing. Artists in this genre are typically anonymous, as their work is technically considered illegal in many places. However, as it is much more easily removed than other street art forms like painted graffiti, it is often more appreciated.

This art form juxtaposes brightly colored yarn and soft textures with the neutral solidity of utilitarian objects and architectural details. The term itself is even a juxtaposition, contrasting soft and comforting yarn with the violence of a bomb. It is borrowed from the graffiti artist's idea of "bombing," quickly covering large spaces in one area.

Inspired by the teapot covers known as cozies, artists around the world have made covers for all kinds of objects. This can include anything from lightposts, railings, benches, and tree trunks to bicycles, cars, or busses. Artists have even blanketed tanks and covered weapons in historic memorials. This further contrasts the traditionally feminine practice of knitting or crocheting against reminders of war, including statues of male war heroes.

Subject: Public art, Yarn in art, Outdoor sculpture

Rights: Copyright undetermined

(Copyright Undetermined, http://rightsstatements.org/vocab/UND/1.0/)

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ID#: AO-00143

Location: 1105 Lincoln Avenue, Utica, in front of the Tramontane Cafe