Title: Hemi

Creator: Charlie Denton

Region: Bridgewater

Medium: paint

Technique: painting

Description: All across Oneida County you’ll find places where someone has taken an expanse of wall and turned it into something special. It might be a form of advertising, it might honor our country and our history, or it might just be for fun. Keep your eyes open as you drive across the expanse of the county and see what surprises might be waiting for you on the side of a barn or business. For example, look for the brightly colored designs with figures like paper doll cutouts on the side of a barn along Route 12B in Deansboro. Or there’s the barn decorated with a design based on a carefully pieced quilt along Main Street in Remsen.

If you’re driving along Route 20 in Bridgewater, make sure to look for the bright red Plymouth Barracuda painted on the side of a garage. The vibrant animated style of the painting stands out from its blue background. Watch out: as the car’s wheel is turned, it looks as if it’s ready to drive right out of the wall and join you on the nearby road.

Subject: Public art, Mural painting and decoration, Barracuda automobile

Rights: © Charlie Denton

(In Copyright - Rights-Holder(s) Unlocatable or Unidentifiable, http://rightsstatements.org/vocab/InC-RUU/1.0/)

ID#: AO-00162

Location: 9661 US-20, Bridgewater