1990s Items (8 total)

Photograph of Heroes - (heroes)full -copy2.jpg
by Jane Grace Taylor
Rome Fire & Police Memorial Park, Rome, at the corner of Black River Boulevard and E. Court St., across the street from the central fire station

Photograph of Strough Auditorium Theatre Murals - ballerina with fan -mural copy.jpg
by Jane Grace Taylor
Strough Middle School, 80 Laurel St., Rome

Photograph of Screen Sculpture #35 - AO-00119-001.jpg
by David Hayes
Hamilton College, Clinton, off of Green Apple Way, near the List Art Center

Photograph of Endowed Chair - AO-00094-001.jpg
by Jonathan Kirk
(formerly) South Woods, Roscoe Conkling Park, off Master Garden Road, Utica

Photograph of Barn - AO-00022-001.jpg
by Peter W. Michel
3129 NY-12B, Deansboro

Photograph of Jubilee Mural - AO-00026-001.jpg
by Charles "Corky" Goss, Chip Miller
94 Genesee Street, Utica

Photograph of Freya - AO-00021-002.jpg
by Peter Lundberg
1999, installed at Griffiss 2011
Griffiss International Sculpture Garden, Rome, along Ellsworth Road

Photograph of Revolving Door 2 - 17_1.jpg
by Charlie Citron
1999, installed at Griffiss 2013
Griffiss International Sculpture Garden, Rome, near the corner of Hill Road and Ellsworth Road